Company Team Registration

2024 Company Registration!

UPDATE: 2024 Company Registration will open early 2024

(​If you'd like to schedule a quick call to discuss registration options for your company please click on this link: Click Here To Schedule A Call)

2023 Company All Access Packages - Does Not Include Tent

*Cost per person above pre-paid entries is $45 each

General Entry Option

#1: Will you cover the cost for additional entries beyond your Package Allotment or for General Entries? *

#2: If you selected yes in the previous response, what percentage of those additional entries will your company cover? *

#3: If you selected yes, up to how many additional employees (and/or non-employees) would you like to cover? Type 'All' for everyone or type a specific number *

#4: What is your preferred payment method? (You do not make payment on this website. Invoices sent separately.) *

#5: There will be no individual packet pickup for this event. Would you like your team's packets delivered to you via courier the week before the event? *

Read Event Waiver

​A Hess Houston Corporate 5K event staff member will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your company's registration. You will be notified when your team is set up and ready for employees to join.  We'll then send you marketing materials to begin promoting within your office.  Easy Peasy!

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